Lemode Plumbing Is Now Intalling Touchless Products!

Public Restroom – Touchless Faucet

NextGen Selectronic
• Battery powered
• 0.5 GPM
• Electronic proximity faucets with
programmable, multi-function sensor
• Adjust range manually or with optional
remote control

Innsbrook Selectronic

• 0.5 GPM

• Includes    R-P2 lithium battery with 4- year life

• Programmable, multi-function infrared sensor that detects the user and only

delivers ater when required

Side Mount Retrofit Flush Valve – Diaphragm & PistonType

• Hygienic, touch-free operation

• Electronically operated override button

• Includes (4) C-sized batteries

• Installs easily without needing to shut off water


Selectronic Flush Valves

• CR-P2 Lithium battery

• Electronic, proximity flush valves with programmable sensor

• Exclusive DynaClean self-cleaning wiper spring technology

• Proprietary brass alloy resists dezincification

• Fully mechanical manual override can operate without power

• Can be installed left or right



• 1-1/2″ top spud exposed flush valve

• All flush valves include sweat solder kit

• 3/4″ top spud exposed flush valve

• Optional advanced PWRX battery &

electronics can deliver 10-year battery life